Hydra 24/7 Review

Hi guys and this is my Hydra 24/7 Review, consistently is a site and organizations watching stage which can screen your site, email, supporters in case you’re encouraging gets suspended, or if your database is hacked along these lines significantly more. If there is anything out of order with your organizations, it will send you an Email notification, SMS or phone call.

The item can regulate 152 urban territories all around all through the world and more than 20 ports and organizations, from Web Server, Web Page Content, Domain Name Server to Email Server, Password Protection, File Transfer Protocol, and significantly more.

Segments of Hydra 24/7 Review, consistently

Diverse Forms of Alerts

Hydra throughout the day, consistently reinforces three sorts of alerts. They are SMS, Email, and phone call. They are all ordinary and unmistakable, so you can check whatever, at whatever point and wherever you require with just a mobile phone. What’s more, every sort has a particular level of emergency, which offer you various choices. For example, a call will pronounce you rapidly while an Email will be slower.

Distinctive Service and Ports

The item supports an arrangement of organizations and ports. They are HTTP, FTP, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, SSL, MYSQL, SSH, Keywords, Pings, PostGres, MariaDB, Serve Load, Apache, PHP, Mobile App (iOS/Android), NS, DNS, Hacked (Defaced/SQL Injection), and so forth.

Kind Interface

The item is delightful in look and direct being utilized. Most of the dashboards, assignments, fields, gets are organized recognizably and astutely. Logos, images, and outlines look clear however cool.

Limitless Contacts

Hydra each moment of consistently don’t control the amount of contacts. On interchange words, you can screen any site, email and port meanwhile the same number of as you need. These purposes of interest can be yours, your planner, your server, et cetera.

View Uptime Charts

This component gives you a diagram which exhibits the measure of latency (y-center point) versus the time (x-center). It furthermore tells you the ordinary of dormancy and the rate of uptimes. Moreover, most of the information can be appeared as hour, day and week time distribution. Day choice will exhibit the clearest and closest figures while week one is more wide.

Hydra 24/7 – View Logs

It tells you everything that is going ahead with your checking structure inside days. For example, when an organization is on the web, or what will happen when one of the organizations goes down.

In what capacity would It be able to Work?

Survey the Black Box

When you sign in the item, you will see the guideline dashboard. On the left, there is a black box including your first and last name, login username, and the group you’re on (Basic, Pro, Mega). There are furthermore the amount of screens that you’re using around then, the SMS credits (endless) and the interval (1 minute/SMS).

Incorporate Contacts

Click Alert Contacts to open another dashboard. This is the spot you incorporate contacts where you require the messages or SMS to go out. Click Add Contacts and select Contact Type (Email or SMS), then fill the Name, and the Email/SMS/Phone reported. These purposes of interest can be yours, your specialist, or your server. You can incorporate any contact as you need.

Incorporate Monitor

Back to the key dashboard, click Add Monitor. It will allow you to pick the Monitor Type (HTTP, Keywords, Ping, Port ..), Name, HOST or IP (your site), Interval, and the prepared structures.

See Everything You Want

Click View Uptime Charts to see the diagram of absence of movement in hour, day or week time range.

Click View Logs to review the history.

Thank for reading my Hydra 24/7 Review.


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